Class Types & Options

Mat Class

up to 10 per class
beginner to intermediate
Our mat classes are perfect for beginners or anyone new to Pilates. Whilst they may look easy these classes will improve your flexibility & strength whilst working on your posture and overall muscle tone. 
Mat work gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the fundamentals of Pilates and become comfortable with concepts like a neutral spine, a properly engaged core, c-curve, shoulder and pelvic stability and spinal articulation whilst making sure you make full use of your breath to support your movement. 
Once you feel comfortable with the basic Pilates moves and terms you will be ready for your first Reformer class (you don't have to if you would prefer to remain with the mat). 

Equipment Class

up to 6 per class
beginner to intermediate
Our equipment classes predominantly make use of the Reformer. If the class is a small size, or for some occasional variety, we will work out with the Wunda chair, Oov or on the Flowin equipment as well. 
The Reformer is an iconic and popular piece of Pilates equipment, for a very good reason.
These classes consist of rhythmic, flowing sets of movements which increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone. The result of the workout is a uniformly developed body with strong back and abdominal muscles. The lovely thing about the Reformer is that the variations are endless, and so as you get stronger the moves become harder. You will not be bored. 

Jump / Circuit Class

Up to 6 per class
intermediate to advanced
These classes will give you an amazing cardio-vascular workout whilst using the Jumpboard on the Reformer (and some other items) in a challenging circuit. 
Innovative and simple Jumpboard combinations, separated with intervals of upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises make this the ultimate cardio / strength interval workout. Prepare to have your core and total body strength challenged whilst you elevate your heart rate. This energetic format keeps you on the move.
This class is not recommended for beginners as good jumping technique is essential. We also don't suggest this for anyone with knee, back or ankle issues. 

Other Class Options


One-on-one classes are great if you are starting out with Pilates, or recovering from an injury where you need more personalised attention than a group class can provide. 
All students new to Pilates will need to complete one or two private classes to ensure they have a good grasp of the fundamentals and that their technique is correct, to prevent injury. 


If you and a friend (or two) would like to train together then the semi-private (2) or trio (3) class options are perfect for you. 
If you don't mind training with people you don't know then join a group class instead. Its a lot of fun and a lovely way to meet new people. 
Both options mean a lower fee per person compared with one-on-one classes. 
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