Conveniently located in Somerset West my studio offers Mat and Equipment classes for small groups or pairs. I also offer one-on-one sessions if you prefer. 

All are welcome!

I tailor my classes to my students,  so pregnant women or those with existing injuries or limitations are also catered for. And it's not just for the ladies - men are also welcome. 

Please check the timetable to find a class that is suitable for your fitness level - some of the slots are gentler whilst others are a little more challenging. Please pick what you feel is appropriate for you. 

For those new to Pilates I recommend one or two private classes, this way we can make sure your form is correct and you feel comfortable with things before diving into a group class. 

I look forward to meeting you!


Introducing...the OOV

Now available in certain mat and equipment classes at Pineapple Pilates. So excited! 

The Oov supports your core whilst supercharging your workout, see it in action below. 

Why do I love Pilates?

whole body fitness

Pilates works the entire body - you don't end up over-developing some areas and neglecting others. The exercises focus on building the core strength of your body as an integrated whole. The practise also promotes good balance whilst developing your flexibility and improving the range of motion of your joints. 

Attention is also paid to your breathing throughout the class - controlling your breath really supports your exertions. This focus also helps to calm the mind as well. The end result is a healthy, toned, strong body and a rested mind. 


It doesn't matter how fit you are or your age, Pilates offers something for everyone. It is a safe and effective method of rehabilitation, which makes it perfect for those that may be recovering from an injury.

However if you are healthy and already exercise regularly then Pilates offers a full body workout that targets muscles you often neglect in the gym. 

Each exercise can be modified - so there is something for a beginners all the way to the most advanced and experienced of students. 


No Pilates isn't a magic wand, but with regular practise (2 to 3 times a week) you WILL see results. Combine with a good, healthy eating plan and your body shape will change as you tone up and lengthen your muscles. 

Pilates is both aerobic, and non-aerobic. You will need to concentrate and focus on each exercise as well as your breath as you move precisely through each movement. This precision and control in each exercise in turn lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in your body in a balanced fashion. 

versatile & fun

Whilst Joseph Pilates originally laid out only 34 essential exercises you will never have a boring workout doing Pilates. Combine mat-work with various types of equipment (like the reformer and electric chair) and you will be endlessly engaged. 

Not only that, as you get stronger you will be able to move to more advanced options in the same exercises, ensuring that your muscles are constantly challenged. Add to that exercising with a lovely bunch of people and you will certainly have fun every time. 
In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.
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