About Lesley

Lesley’s philosophy is 
to make every day count 


Lesley discovered her passion for movement at the age of six, when she began her Dance Academy of South Africa (DASA) ballet training in Somerset West. 

To extend her dance repertoire, she joined Outline Dance Studio at the age of 12 and completed her modern dance training up to Solo Performers level in modern, as well achieving the DASA Advanced ballet examination at the age of 35.

Lesley’s gift and love of dance has remained a constant throughout her life.


In 2002, Lesley broke her pelvis and was introduced to Pilates as part of her rehabilitation. She realised that the combination of core support and full-body fitness – including the breath and the mind – provide a level of integrative fitness that is hard to find elsewhere. In fact, she enjoyed it so much; she decided to train to become a Pilates Instructor with Renee Watson Pilates Studio in Constantia. She completed the Pilates Mat and Equipment Courses in 2007 and 2008 with Renee Watson and makes sure she is offering the highest quality training by attending regular workshops and Pilate’s symposiums.

Lesley began teaching in Somerset West 2008 and discovered that she loved helping people achieve their goals.

It became her aspiration to open her own Pilates studio. A restful, calm place for stressed parents, peak performance athletes, busy executives or those on the rocky road back to health. An inviting environment where individual health and fitness goals are a priority, under the gentle guidance of a qualified instructor.

About Ilze

Ilze will bring new perspective 
and diversity to our classes 

THE Sportswoman

Ilze loved sports and the outdoors from a young age and had a passion for challenging her body. 

She did a variety of exercise but suffered with  poor posture, almost no flexibility and experienced neck and back pain on a daily basis.

the teacher

The corporate hat didn’t fit, so Ilze went back to her first love and decided to do a Pilates course. During her very first session she realised she was working muscles she didn’t know she had and just months later felt an overall improvement in strength, flexibility, alignment, balance, posture and most importantly had less pain. This was a testament of the immense benefit of doing Pilates and it led to understanding the influence that one region of the body can have on another.

She went on to complete her BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and a 200 hour Vinyasa flow Yoga course and has been practising successfully ever since. Ilze loves working with a variety of clients, helping them to improve and to discover new ways of strengthening their bodies.
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lie within us.
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